Rose Wines

“In term of wine we have to know think to the pleasure before the prestige”

Paul Claudel

Rosé de Loire

This fruity wine with a cherry red hue will reveal complex notes of slightly acidic red fruit ending in candy. This supple and fresh rosé will delight your taste buds all year.

Food & wine pairing: Cucumber salads, Tomato carpaccio with goat cheese and chervil, Roasted mullet, Grilled marinated veal chops, Fresh fruit.

Cabernet d’Anjou

This characteristic Anjou wine, with a strong color and red highlights, will reveal fresh and fruity notes of red fruit. This sweet wine is a elegant balance between freshness and sweetness. It will be the perfect companion for your summers.

Food & wine pairing: Mashed melon and raw ham, Tuna Maki with wasabi sauce, Parmesan shortbread, Grilled chicken, rasberry crumble, Chocolate.

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